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Five Tips For Remembering To Pray: Using Praying Reminder Boards And More

As you work to grow in your relationship with God, you know how important it is to make time for prayer. Using praying reminder boards can be a great tool for starting to incorporate prayer into your daily life. Check out these tips for finding ways to remember to pray every day.

Set an alarm on your phone. Just like you might set an alarm to remember to make a phone call or to take medication, set an alarm on your phone to remind yourself to pray. This can be a welcome interruption in a stressful day, reminding you of what's really important.

Have a set time that you pray every day, and share that with your family. They'll know that your prayer time is sacred, and this can help to limit interruptions during this time.
Use a mobile prayer board. A mobile prayer board can go anywhere in your home, or can even travel with you. Using a praying reminder board can be a great physical reminder of the importance of daily prayer.

Talk with your church group and/ or your pastor about your commitment to incorporating more prayer into your life. Ask them to pray with you and check in on you to see how your prayer life is improving.

Make it a family affair. When you pray together with your family, it's easier to remember to get it done. This doesn't necessarily have to be done in person - praying over the phone or over video chat together can be just as effective.

By searching for ways to improve your prayer life, you're already on the right track to a deeper relationship with God. Incorporate these tips one step at a time to improve your prayer life and help you grow in your spiritual health.


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