''Get These Boards Into The Hands Of My People "

I greet you in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

In late 2018 I knew something was amiss in my relationship with God, but I didn’t know what it was. I started becoming depressed and agitated over the smallest issues. I started to find fault in everything and everybody. I knew this was not me and I could feel my personality changing and I didn't know why. I started listening to sermons, trying to read my bible, but nothing helped. I could sense a blockage when I prayed, and I knew my prayers were getting no higher than the ceiling. I confessed any resentment I held in my heart against anyone and still there was nothing. I felt completely trapped.

One night I prayed and asked the Lord to "SEARCH MY HEART AND SHOW ME WHAT I’M MISSING ABOUT MYSELF.”  That night I had a dream I was sleeping in the bed and woke up and I saw myself reaching for my smartphone, as I started scrolling, I heard a voice say “Give me 5-minutes!”, then I woke up, I looked over at my phone, then it hit me. WOW! All I could say was “sorry Lord.” At that moment the LORD revealed my unhealthy dependency on technology and the impact it was having on my life. You see every morning I was reaching for my phone planning out my day pretty much listening to the Google gods for direction in so many areas of my life and because their answers were instant, I started relying more on them than I did the Lord. But none of these so call gods could provide any deliverance or peace. Thou shall not have any other gods before ME is his 1st commandment.  God will not just accept anything, he’s either first or he's GONE. I said “Yes Lord…Message received loud and clear”.

I started to seek the Lord for guidance and re-committed myself to praying first thing in the morning. I quickly overcame the depression and everything that came with it.  Shortly thereafter, I had a dream of a man standing on a wooden board praying and when he stepped off the board his footprints were deeply indented /worn into the board, as if this was his daily routine. I heard a Voice say “Build! and get these boards into the hands of my people”.

The Lord was calling me to build Prayer Boards, and this was something I just did NOT want to do. I'm an IT professional, not a wood craftsman so learning how to work with wood in this capacity was going to be a real challenge for me. I started dragging my feet and using my job and my App project as an excuse. But the Lord quickly shut everything down.

My entire division at work closed within a matter of 2 months so I was out of a job.
Also, I had been working for the past few years on a mobile app that was going to be a game-changer for me and my family financially but, as we got closer to the launch date some of the critical members of the team walked away from the project. Nothing was working anymore, and I felt the Holy Spirit pulling me in another direction. I knew it was time to refocus my efforts into what the Lord was calling me to do and that was build these Prayer boards.

I prayed over and over about this project because I did not want to be out of the will of God.
The Lord started confirming his desire through events in my life and on two separate occasions through perfect strangers.

I stopped Running 
So, one day I’m sitting at my computer going back and forth between the new App's website and looking into building a site for the Prayer Boards. As soon as I started working on this site I heard a voice whisper in my right ear “This Is What I Want.“ I knew it was the Lord speaking directly to me. I was immediately overcome with emotion. 

I stopped running from the call and got to work. After fasting and praying and Waiting I was given the design/layout and specific wording for the boards. I have to say in all my years of walking with the Lord I never heard him speak so clear and direct.  

The power is in the committed sacrifice you make daily by putting God first. Having a Prayer Board by your bedside is a daily reminder to do just that. The Lord is well aware of the demands on our lives but he still requires us to sacrifice some time to commune with Him in prayer.


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